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Who are we?

The Wycombe Astronomical Society (WAS) is a registered UK charity (No. 297024) serving astronomers who live in South Buckinghamshire and the Chilterns.

See the About us page for more information.

This policy explains how, when and why we collect personal information on our web site.

Periodically we will change this policy so please revisit this page to ensure you are aware of the latest changes.

By using our web site you agree to this policy.

If you have any questions regrading the policy please email;

Why and how do we collect information from You?

When you  visit the web site for the first time you will see a message asking you to accept Cookies, an electronic text file on your computing device, that records each time you visit our site.


If you click the "Continue" button your web browser will create a Analytical Cookie that our web site's analytical software from Editorx and Google (Google Analytics) use to provide us with visitor usage (traffic) to our web site and enable us to optimise the content and the structure of the web site accordingly. 

Please note, our cookies are not used for advertising or for personalising the site.


If you don't click the "Continue" button your web browser will not create an Analytical cookie and our analytical software will not be able record when you visit the site, will treat you as a new visitor and won't be able to provide us with accurate visitor information e.g unique visitors.

If you do not delete the cookie from your computing device you will see the cookie message again after 30 days.


The cookie expires after 2 years.  


If you  have already accepted cookies on our web site and do not want our web site to record your visits you can either:

  1. Delete these cookies from your computing device

  2. Configure your browser to not accept cookies

  3. visit our site in  your browser's incognito (private browsing) mode 


Our web site analytical software captures the following information each time you visit the site and makes this information available to us for analysis. 

  • the number of visitors to the site including if they are unique  (based on IP address)

  • where the visitors have come from including; country, directly to the web site, from a search engine or another web site

  • if visitors have come from  a search engine what search keywords they entered

  • which pages of the site are visited

  • the time and duration of each visit

  • which browser visitors have used e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox

  • what type of computing device e.g Desktop or Mobile visitors have used

  • what keywords visitors entered on the web site's own search functionality 

  • the number of RSS subscribers (based on unique IP addresses subscribing to feed) 

  • the number of orders made on the web site and  which products have been ordered  (see next section, Ecommerce, for more details)

Please note, we do not use Google Analytics advertising reporting features so we are unable to view demographic (including gender and age) or interest information of visitors to our site logged in with their Google Accounts.  

What information does our analytical software capture and share with us?
  • The society sometimes offers tickets for sale from the web site for society events e.g. Cosmic Kidz (previously on the Squarespace platform).

  • If you place an order on our site we record the order, the products you have purchased, your full name,  billing and delivery address 

  • These details are shared (email or print outs) with event coordinator/staff to check at the entrance of each event if a visitor has paid in advance via the web site.

  • Payment is made via PayPal and stored in the society PayPal account and accessible to the Society's Treasurer and Web Master.

​Click here to read PayPal's privacy policy.


Our web sites provides links to many web sites run by other organisations. We are not responsible for the privacy practices and content of these sites. Please check their privacy policies when using them.

Policy last updated

February 2022

Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitors session on a site

2 Years


Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitors session on a site

30 Minutes


Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitors session on a site

30 Minutes


Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitors session on a site

2 years


Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitors session on a site

2 Years


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Privacy Policy

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