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About Us

Wycombe Astronomical Society (WAS) is a friendly and active society bringing the wonders of astronomy to all who live in South Buckinghamshire and the Chilterns. We have over 50+ members of all ages and levels of astronomical knowledge from beginners through to advanced amateurs, and a lively observing community.

Our observatory is permanently located at Woodrow High House near Amersham in Buckinghamshire and regularly get together to observe during the observing season.

There is a busy calendar with monthly lectures and practical meetings (see the home page) - currently online via Zoom. Guest speakers provide us with informative lectures on the third Wednesday of each month and for the remaining 3 Wednesdays of the month, we have an online social meeting also over Zoom, and discuss astronomy (including practical tips and tricks), space and have a good chit chat about anything, or observing meetups at Observatory at Woodrow House
(see visit us link below).

As well as this we have society trips and group get-togethers throughout the year including our annual barbecue in August to coincide with the Perseid meteor shower.

Have a look below for more details on what we do and why you should join the society. 

To contact us click here.

Meet Others Interested in Space

The society has over 50+ members, from diverse backgrounds, different ages, gender and experience.

They are mainly from Buckinghamshire,  but some are from London, Oxford and Berkshire -  and all passionate about Astronomy and space.​​

You'll get to meet these members at lectures, social meetings and in the Members Area of our website.​

Curious about planets, galaxies and Black Holes

As a member of the society you have access to other members with a wealth of knowledge, all happy to share it with you and provide you with valuable advice.

The society selects top speakers who provide lectures on a wide range of astronomy and space-related subjects - often at the cutting edge!

Get answers to your Astronomy & Space Questions

Learn from members, attending lectures and social meetings.​

The society has an extensive library that you can borrow books from.

Chat with other members through the Member section of our website via online chat or the forum.

Participate in Astronomy outreach events

The society holds or participates in several public and outreach events each year. These range from astronomy lectures and star gazing at local National Trust events, schools,  local museums and star gazing live parties at our observatory in Woodrow House, Amersham.

Attend fascinating lectures from top speakers

The society provides monthly lectures throughout the year from a wide selection of top speakers. From top researchers, university professors, authors and well-known TV presenters.

Browse through our upcoming and past lectures to see the wealth of topics and speakers.

Access recordings of previous lectures presented via Zoom through the Members section of our website.

Enjoy Astronomy & space events with others

Members can participate in public outreach events

Enjoy socialising with members at annual events such as the Perseids BBQ, Enjoy cooking your food with others, and having a drink whilst watching the meteor showers from the constellation of Perseus.

The society also hosts weekly Social meetings on Zoom, where members share everything about astronomy and space, including watching the latest rocket launches and Mars landings,  and non-related astronomy. 

Access to Astronomy equipment, books & advice

Members can borrow equipment from the society. Equipment ranges from computer telescopes, a specialist solar telescope and astrophotography cameras and filters. Also, you have access to our extensive library of books.

As a member, you also have access to our observatory, the Chiltern Observatory, which has state-of-the-art equipment and is based at Woodrow House Amersham.

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