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Our observatory

Wycombe Astronomical Society has its own observatory conveniently located in the grounds of Woodrow High House. Named “The Chiltern Observatory” it was built between 1990 and 1996 by members of the Society and was officially opened in May 1997 by the Society’s president at the time, Professor Heather Couper.

Over the years it has undergone a number of refurbishments and upgrades and since August 2021 houses a Celestron 11" Edge HD telescope, an Aplanatic Schmidt telescope designed to produce aberration-free images across a wide visual and photographic field of view. It is mounted on a CGX-L heavy duty mount, Celestron’s latest addition to their fully computerized equatorial mount series.
The Society’s telescope is available for use whenever clear skies permit. It can be used for straightforward observing or for more complex procedures such as astro-photography and digital imaging.

Several members of the society are “night operators”. They are experienced telescope users who have access to the observatory. They will open up the observatory and set up the telescope enabling all members, complete beginners or experienced observers, to enjoy an evening’s observing.

Observing can take place all year round but, in particular, every Wednesday is a planned observing night – that is only, of course, if the weather permits! Members of the Society are notified when observing will take place.

The Chiltern Observatory is also available for non-members to enjoy and we are happy to welcome along guests to an evening’s observing. We actively encourage local educational groups such as schools, scouts, guides etc. to contact us to arrange an observing evening so that we can introduce them to the wonders of the night sky.

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The Chiltern Observatory
The Chiltern Observatory
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